Shakespeare on the Sound is holding an OPEN CALL AUDITION for a one-night-only benefit reading of
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens adapted for the stage by Barbara Field

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 7:00PM

The Carriage Barn, New Canaan, CT

Sunday, November 24 1pm-5pm
Saturday, December 7 10:30am-5:00pm (7:00pm performance)
*your child MUST be able to attend both rehearsals for the entire time.
**rehearsals will be held at The Studio for Performing Arts, 26 Forest Street, New Canaan, CT

Sunday, October 27 from 1-4pm at The Studio for Performing Arts, 26 Forest Street, New Canaan, upstairs

The auditions are an open call, please sign in when you arrive. Children will be seen in order of arrival.
Bring a headshot and resume if you have one. If not, bring a recent photo of your child (or we can take one) and your child will fill out a form.
Please prepare a short monologue and the song DECK THE HALLS to be sung acapella. Additionally children may be asked to read from the script.

Young Ebenezer Scrooge—male, 9-10 years old. Innocent and vulnerable, he admires and loves his older sister Fan. Enjoys stories of boyhood adventure and not yet jaded by the harsh world in which he lives.

Simon—male, 10-12, a ragged, poor boy who has lived a hard life. He is old beyond his years and makes his living on the street. Meets a changed Scrooge on Christmas Day and learns there is hope in the world.

Cratchit Children
All the Cratchit children are raised in a family that has very little money. Although they are poor they know they are loved and cherished and that makes them rich. They make the most of a bad situation and are grateful for their blessings
Peter Cratchit—male, 13-15 years old
Belinda Cratchit—female, 11-12 years old
Tom Cratchit—male, 9-10 years old
Tiny Tim—male or female, 6-9 years old
*Please note: The adult roles will be played by professional actors. Therefore we are seeking children who have had prior experience performing in plays or musicals either at school, outside school at a performing arts program, or professionally.

For more information, contact Claire Kelly:

Auditions for our 2020 summer production will be held in February in Connecticut and New York City.  Connecticut auditions are NON-AEA and for locally-based actors.

AUDITION DATES: February 7-11

CT AUDITIONS: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, 10AM-2PM. OPEN CALL FOR NON-AEA ACTORS ONLY. Actors will be seen in order of arrival.

LOCATION: THE STUDIO FOR PERFORMING ARTS, 26 Forest Street, 2nd floor, New Canaan, CT.

NYC AUDITIONS: Saturday, February 8th-Tuesday, February 11th. These auditions will be via submission only. Not all who submit will be selected to audition. Please submit only once; do not send a follow up email. You may submit via email to or through Actors Access. ALL TYPES are encouraged to submit.

**if you do not have experience performing Shakespeare professionally, and are between the ages of 19-24 please consider applying to our Apprentice Training program or, for those between 24-30, auditioning to be an Acting Intern. For more information on either program visit our Education page.

Shakespeare on the Sound utilizes Equity and non-equity actors. To request an audition please email your headshot and resume to:

Video submissions are not accepted.

Not all submissions will receive an audition.

Please do not contact us directly.

Shakespeare on the Sound is committed to inclusivity and diversity.