A huge thank you to all of our donors from our past fiscal year! Your generosity helps us reach over 10,000 people per year through our public performances and educational outreach efforts and made it possible for us to continue our mission of presenting affordable, professional outdoor productions of the plays of William Shakespeare in Fairfield County.

Please see below donations made from October 1, 2017-May 25, 2018.

Lord Chamberlain's Circle ($10,000+)

SOS sponsors 2.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Bryan
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O'Keefe
Mr. & Mrs. Arick Rynearson
The Sixth Taxing District
The S&L Marx Foundation
Mr. Kevin Conory- Blue Coast

Angels ($5,000 - $9,999)

Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism
Mr. & Mrs. Buell Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan Freedgood
Laurel Road Bank
Robinson & Cole LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Woolford

Patrons of the Bard ($2,500 - $4,999)

Callari Auto Group
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Capelos
Mr. & Mrs.  Stephen Petricone & Laura Cramer
Mr. & Mrs.  Everett Drugge
Fairfield County Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hammer
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hobbs
General Electric
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lennon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ranieri
Rowayton Civic Association
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sellschop
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Shields
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Temerowski

Poet's Circle ($1,000 - $2,499)

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Alexander
Mr. & Mrs.  Paul Bartilucci
Mr. John Berman
Mrs. Dupre Cochran
Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Ms. Cristen Cottrell
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Dahl
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Drugge
Mr. Raymond Fagan
Ms. Laura Gordon
Mrs. Kathryn Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lawrence, JW Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Nagler
New Canaan Community Foundation
Ed Lenane, Ohio Wesleyan Unijversity
Ms. Cathy Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Shannon
Mr. James Shaughnessy
Mr. William Stimpson
Ms. Jacqueline Stoddard
Ms. Katherine Thomas
Mr. Stephen Tomlinson

Director's Circle ($500 - $999)

Aesthetic & Maxillofacial Surgery Center of Darien
Ms. Cori Aleardi
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ambros
Ms. Sara Bakker
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Begos
Ms. Leia Berla
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cippoletti
Ms. Jessica Connolly
Mr. Ted Coons
Mr. Kevin Dahill
Ms. Sandra Defeo
Mr. David Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Elliot
Mrs. Katherine Ewald
Fairfield County Gives/The K Foundation
Ms. Jessica Finck
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fine
Mr. Samuel Fuller
Ms. Abby Glover
Mr. & Mrs. Marie Reynolds & James Golden
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Bardwell Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kammerer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kettenan
Ms. Katy Kinsella
Ms. Sophie Koven
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kramer
Mr. & Mrs. George Landegger
Ms. Renee Landegger
Ms. Camilla Medeiros
Ms. brooke Megrue
Mr. & Mrs. Amy Miller & Michael Diamond
Mr. Brendan Moynihan
Ms. Pamela Murrin
Ms. Courtney Oldrin
Mr. & Mrs. Samford Perlin
Ms. Laura Prior
Ms. Laura Rawlings
Ms. Kate Reilly
Ms. Pamela Rusk
Ms. Jennifer Russey
Ms. Jennifer Ryan
Mr. Michael Sagalyn
Mr. Robert Schlein
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Schweizer
Mr. John Seel
Ms. Susan Seelert
Mr. & Mrs. David Smith
Mr. Bartleby St. Clair
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Steckler
Mr. Howard Thompson
Ms. Anne Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson
Mr. Harry Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Woodruff
Ms. Amy Zoller

Friends ($250 - $499)

American Insurance
Ms. Emily Candee
Ms. Denise Coco
Mrs. Rachel Dewey, Horizons
Mr. John Dunleavy
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Erdmann
Ms. Lindsay Burn Grimes
Ms. Danielle Holmes
Ms. Jessica Knowles
Ms. Justine Landegger
Ms. Kelly Lavigne
Mr. & Mrs. David Nason
Ms. Charly Sahlia
Ms. Lisa Shanahan
Ms. Taryn Sonesson
Ms. Patricia Timberlake