Graduate School Audition Training


Shakespeare on the Sound is now offering a graduate school training program designed to help navigate the overwhelming graduate audition process. Those who train with us, will receive guidance on monologue selection (contemporary and classical) and monologue coaching. Packages include coaching sessions, a monologue workshop, and a mock graduate audition moderated by current students and/or recent graduates from the top MFA Acting programs.

For more information or to register contact Nick Urda:


Monologue Workshop: Bring in your best two monologues and work in front of your peers. Get coached by Artistic Director, Claire Kelly and Director of Educational Outreach, Nicholas Urda.

Private Coaching: Work with Director of Educational Outreach, Nicholas Urda on monologue selection for the 1st session and coaching for each subsequent session. Coaching sessions can be used at any point from now through March 31st.

Mock Audition: This mock audition will create an environment similar to what you may experience when auditioning for a variety of different graduate programs. Audition for, and receive feedback from, a panel of current and recent graduate students from Juilliard, Brown, Columbia, Yale and our Artistic Director.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Monologue Workshop and Mock Audition are in NYC (location TBA). Monologue Coaching is available in NYC an CT. See below for workshop and mock audition dates.


Option A- $500

Monologue Workshop

2 Private Coaching Sessions

Option B- $680

Monologue Workshop

4 Private Coaching Sessions

Mock Audition

Option C- $810

Monologue Workshop

6 Private Coaching Sessions

Mock Audition

*payment plan is available.
**a la carte options are available.

Monologue Workshop and Mock Audition DATES:

Monologue workshop (two options):

Thursday, October 11— 10am-1pm OR 6pm-9pm

Mock Audition:

Sunday, November 18 — 1pm-4pm

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Mock Audition