Volunteering at Shakespeare on the Sound has never been easier.



Volunteering at a Glance

As volunteers, you become a vital component of Shakespeare on the Sound’s operations. Not only do volunteers staff numerous positions for front-of-house in the park, helping to ensure a pleasant theatre experience for our audience, volunteers serve as ambassadors of Shakespeare on the Sound. We hope to establish a long lasting relationship with our volunteers, and value their time here as a unique opportunity and as a fun way to support the arts. The Shakespeare on the Sound staff will help each volunteer find a position that suits them best; there is something for everyone. A volunteer can choose from a number of positions:

Nightly Positions (short-term, 7 total needed for each performance)

  • Usher - Usher during a performance. Ushers help patrons find a place to set up and/or shows patrons to their reserved seats.

  • Gatekeeper- Welcomes patrons to the park and hands out programs.

  • Park Clean-Up - Assists after each production to clean up the park and put away our reserved seats.


Volunteers are important ambassadors for Shakespeare on the Sound. By actively participating in the operations of a professional theatre, volunteers are not only supporting arts in their community, but all arts in Connecticut. Speaking about Shakespeare on the Sound among friends and family is a vital part of being a volunteer. The positive interactions between active volunteers and people in the community help further the visibility of Shakespeare on the Sound. 

For all questions, please contact catherine@shakespeareonthesound.org