Volunteering at Shakespeare on the Sound has never been easier.



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Volunteering at a Glance

As volunteers, you become a vital component of Shakespeare on the Sound’s operations. Not only do volunteers staff numerous positions for front-of-house in the park, helping to ensure a pleasant theatre experience for our audience, volunteers serve as ambassadors of Shakespeare on the Sound. We hope to establish a long lasting relationship with our volunteers, and value their time here as a unique opportunity and as a fun way to support the arts. The Shakespeare on the Sound staff will help each volunteer find a position that suits them best; there is something for everyone. A volunteer can choose from a number of positions:

Nightly Positions (short-term, 7 needed for each performance)

  • Usher - Usher during a performance. Ushers help patrons find a place to set up and/or shows patrons to their reserved seats.

  • Gate - Welcomes patrons to the park and hands out programs.

  • Patron Counter - Stands at the entrance of the park with the counter and counts the patrons as they arrive to the park.

Long Term Positions

  • Camps - Assist our teaching artist at one of our camps. Minimum commitment one week. Must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Office / Administrative - Assist our office staff in the office and park during the 3 week run of the show. Duties may include: answering phones, working the box office, running errands, and other tasks.

  • Special Events - Helping out at our two Galas: February at the NY Yacht Club or ShakesBeer in June at Pinkney Park. Can help out the night of or volunteer more time and serve on a committee.

  • Production - Assist the production manager for the run of the show. Minimum commitment 3 weeks, minimum age 16 years old.


Volunteers are important ambassadors for Shakespeare on the Sound. By actively participating in the operations of a professional theatre, volunteers are not only supporting arts in their community, but all arts in Connecticut. Speaking about Shakespeare on the Sound among friends and family is a vital part of being a volunteer. The positive interactions between active volunteers and people in the community help further the visibility of Shakespeare on the Sound. 

For all questions, please contact claire@shakespeareonthesound.org