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Thinking of applying for the 2024 Apprentice Company? 
Here is some information you will find helpful…

Opportunities exist in the following disciplines: acting, directing, playwriting, education, stage management and costuming.  We are also open to specific tracks as dictated by the applicant and subject to the approval of the organization. We are searching for talented emerging artists. See below for details of each discipline.


Applicants must be over 18 and have completed at least one year of college or have extensive theater experience in desired discipline.  Unfortunately we can no longer accommodate high school students in any artistic disciplines.  High school students interested in theater administration can apply through their high school internship program.  

Successful candidates will be self-motivated, dedicated, inquisitive, collaborative, enthusiastic, and capable of working in a fast-paced, challenging, multi-faceted environment. 

Program Details

May 6- July 2, 2024.  The position is unpaid.  A travel stipend in the amount of $775 for the duration of the apprenticeship will be provided.  Housing is not available. 

**must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023.

Apprentices function as an integral part of Shakespeare on the Sound, and will have the opportunity to work directly with the accomplished and professional artists creating the mainstage production.  Shakespeare on the Sound is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.  We strongly encourage all interested to apply.

All apprentices will collaborate to produce a 30-minute version of ROMEO AND JULIET to be performed at local libraries and schools, as well as prior to each performance of ROMEO AND JULIET during its run in Rowayton, CT.

Members of our Apprentice Company will receive training across the theatrical spectrum in the form of multi-disciplinary master classes taught by professional theater makers, academics, and artists. Master Classes will be held in person in Connecticut and New York City (Classes will be offered over Zoom if necessary). 

The program culminates with Shakespeare on the Sound's annual Budding Bards Festival.  The festival is a presentation created by the Apprentice Company.  Each Budding Bards Festival is entirely unique and the annual performance reflects the interests and individuality of the Apprentice Company.

Application Deadline 

All Candidates—Friday, March 1, 2023

​To Apply: send the appropriate materials to and fill out the form below



SOS PLAYERS: This year we are looking for a minimum of 6 actors for the company. The SOS players will collaborate with the playwriting and directing apprentices to devise a 30-minute version of ROMEO AND JULIET appropriate for a young audience. The play will be performed nightly for our young audience.  All apprentices will be expected to observe specific mainstage rehearsals. Acting Apprentices are expected to attend all master classes as well as work with the other apprentices in creating, performing in, and the facilitation of our Budding Bards Festival.  Applicants must be very strong actors who are extremely creative, collaborative, and fond of ensemble work.  **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023. 


The directing apprenticeship has three components.  First, the directing apprentice will collaborate with the education director, acting and playwriting apprentices in devising ROMEO AND JULIET for kids, a 30 minute version of ROMEO AND JULIET for a young audiences. The play will be performed nightly prior to our mainstage production of ROMEO AND JULIET. Second, the directing apprentice will assist the director on ROMEO AND JULIET.  Third, the directing apprentice will direct 1-2 one act classical plays to be performed in our Budding Bards Festival.  Additionally, the directing apprentice will direct the new play written by the playwriting apprentice for the festival. Applicants should be highly collaborative with a working knowledge of Shakespeare and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities; self-motivated, hard working, able to multitask, and be reliable; available to meet with the director of ROMEO AND JULIET prior to May 1, either in person or via zoom.   **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023.


The Education Apprentice will perform a wide array of duties throughout the apprenticeship.  Responsibilities include: creating and implementing the curriculum for Camp Shakespeare, a summer camp for two separate age groups; Camp Shakespeare (5-7 year olds) and GLOBE PLAYERS camp (8-16 year olds) which results in a performance of some of Shakespeare's most famous scenes as well as the group's favorite scenes. The EDUCATION APPRENTICE will be tasked with creating ROMEO AND JULIET study guides; creating, implementing and running activities at the First Folio Kids Corner during the run of the production. Additionally, the Education Apprentice will serve as one of the Teaching Artists for our spring workshops at multiple schools throughout Fairfield County. Applicants should be self-motivated, independent, creative and flexible thinkers, and feel confident in his/her ability to teach Shakespeare to children.  Familiarity with Augusto Boal and his approach to teaching theater is a plus.  **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023. *** There is a possibility that an SOS Player apprentice could double as an education apprentice.


The playwriting apprentice will write the script for a 30 minute version of ROMEO AND JULIET appropriate for a young audience.  In collaboration with the director and acting apprentices, the playwriting apprentice will devise and write the play over the course of one week.  The language of the play will be comprised of colloquial English and text from Shakespeare’s play.  This version will be performed nightly prior to our mainstage production of ROMEO AND JULIET  The Playwriting Apprentice will also write a one act play for the acting apprentices to perform at the Budding Bards Festival.  **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023.


The Costume Apprentice will work directly with the costume designer and wardrobe supervisor.  Duties will include: assisting the costume designer in pulling costumes; attend and assist in costume fittings; assist in costume alterations; work with the wardrobe supervisor during the run of the show; laundering the costumes nightly.  Additionally, the costume apprentice will design the costumes for ROMEO AND JULIET, for KIDS and the one-act play our directing apprentice directs for our Budding Bards Festival.   The costume apprentice will be responsible for working with the director in creating a design and providing sketches. Applicant should have sewing skills and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities.  *due to budget restraints costume designs may not be fully realized but efforts will be made to create a portion of the design. **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023.


The stage management apprenticeship has three components.  First, the production apprentice will focus on stage management serving as the stage manager during the development and tour of ROMEO AND JULIET for KIDS!  The second component focuses on technical direction.  The stage management apprentice will assist the TD and ATD during load-in week and work in tandem with the technical crew preparing the park for tech.  Exact duties will be determined by the apprentice’s technical skills and interest.  The final component of the apprenticeship will focus on assisting the stage management team during production.  Beginning the first day of tech and continuing throughout the run of the show the stage management apprentice will assist the producer.  Should the successful applicant have a strong interest in a particular area of technical theater (such as props, lighting, sound, or set design) then they will be able to focus on that interest during tech week and begin working with the producer when tech is over.  Applicants should be self-motivated, collaborative, eager to learn, professional, responsible, and able to work efficiently in a face-paced environment.  **must be available to start Monday, May 6, 2023.


Are expected to actively participate in all master classes.  During load-in and tech all apprentices will be assigned jobs that they will perform throughout the run of the show.  All apprentices are expected to participate in the Budding Bards Festival. Budding Bards is a 1-2 night event created completely by the Apprentice Company. It will be performed for an invited audience of staff and friends of SOS.


Once we have received your completed application, we will contact you to schedule your interview.


  • Contact information for two references, one professional/educational and one personal (To be entered on the form below)

  • A professional resume detailing both educational and professional work experience in your chosen field.  **please note—the resume is to serve as an indication of what you have been up to and get a sense of who you are at this time in your life.  We DO NOT want you to feel pressure to create a resume based on what you think we are looking for in a candidate.  We review each application individually and seek a diverse group of candidates with varying levels of experience.

  • A written personal statement answering the following questions:  What drew you to theater?  Who are you as an artist and where are you in your artistic journey?  What interests you in apprenticing at Shakespeare on the Sound and what do you hope to gain from the apprenticeship?  **your personal statement is the most important part of the application

INTERVIEWS:  Successful applicants will be invited to interview.  Interviews will be conducted either in person or via Zoom.  The interview will last approximately 30-45 minutes.


ADDITIONAL MATERIALS:  Please provide additional materials specific to the Apprenticeship for which you are applying:


  • SOS Players—Successful candidates should prepare two monologues (one contemporary and one Shakspeare).  Each monologue should be approximately one to two minutes in length. In addition to your monologues, please prepare 16 bars of your favorite song to be sung a cappella or accompanied by yourself on a musical instrument. Please note:  Refrain from using monologues from ROMEO AND JULIET or the sonnets as audition pieces.


  • Imagine you are teaching MACBETH to children 11-14 years of age at Camp Shakespeare. Write a lesson plan that explores the theme AMBITION.  Your lesson plan should reflect a 1.5 hour time period. Your lesson plan should include: introduction to topic, warm-ups, games, a scaffolded approach to the main activity rooted in a scene from the play, and wrap-up.  Please provide a detailed timeline for your 1.5 hour class.



  • Choose one of the Shakespeare plays listed below and write a treatment detailing your concept for directing the play. 

  • Your treatment should include: your approach to the play in general; theme/s you plan to explore in your production; concept for the production; set, costume, and lighting design; sound/music, if any; casting (based on the assumption that your production has the budget for 5 equity contracts, 5 non-equity contracts, and two apprentices). 

  • Your treatment should be no longer than 2 pages in length.

  • Provide a list of one-act plays you would be interested in directing for the Budding Bards event.  At least 2 of the one-acts should be considered classical (written before 2000 by a known playwright)


  • Submit two contrasting samples of your work as a playwright (one-acts are acceptable) that you have written within the last two years.  

  • Choose one of the Shakespeare plays listed below and write a 5-minute version of Act 1 (approximately 5 pages) that would be appropriate for an audience of children ages 5-12.  Your Act 1 should be a mixture of colloquial English and Shakespeare’s text from the play.  Additionally, you should include one instance of audience interaction.  You may set your Act 1 in a frame.  You have a cast of 6 actors.  Even if you chose a tragedy you may use humor to tell your story.  **Keep in mind that children are smart; please do not “dumb down” your version of Act 1.


  • Choose one of the Shakespeare plays listed below and submit a treatment detailing your concept of the costumes.  Your treatment should include: Your design concept; how and why your design supports the play; time period.  Additionally, please pick one of the main characters in the play and design his/her costumes throughout the play.  Provide sketches as well as a detailed design concept for each sketch.


PLAY CHOICES for Directing and Playwriting Candidates:

As You Like It

Twelfth Night

The Tempest




Apprentice Application
Which apprentceship are you applying for? (You can choose more than one)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Any questions, contact Nick Urda at

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