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Our workshops are fun, interactive, and inspiring. Utilizing a variety of theater activities, group ensemble work, and performance techniques, our professional teaching artists guide students in bringing Shakespeare's texts to life while challenging them to think outside the box and delve into the deeper meaning of the plays.

Choose from one of our established programs or SOS teaching artists will work in partnership with you to create a workshop that is specifically tailored to meet your educational goals.


A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's most magical and poetical plays.  After guiding the students through warm-ups, poetry centric ensemble work, and physical activities that introduce Shakespeare's use of punctuation and connect the text to the body, SOS teaching artists will work with students to bring Titania's most poetic monologue to life.

RECOMMENDED AGE: 5th grade and up.




In Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence deftly utilizes the techniques or argument and persuasion to stop Romeo from killing himself.  After examining the text for examples of how the Friar uses ethos, pathos, ad logos, in his attempt to halt Romeo from taking his own life, students will actively put the text into their own bodies.  Then SOS teaching artists will engage the students by bringing the scene to life.

RECOMMENDED AGE: 5th Grade and up.




Our teaching artists work in collaboration with educators to design a workshop, or series of workshops, that will meet the educational goal and classroom needs.  Workshops can be created for any of Shakespeare's plays and/or the sonnets.

RECOMMENDED AGE: 3rd Grade and up.



  • Run one class period. Up to four workshops can be booked on the same day.

  • Recommended for up to 30 students.

This is an organized workshop for teachers hoping to utilize more theater and Shakespeare in their classrooms. Our approach is to support teachers in forming an interactive classroom in which control is given to the students.

In this workshop, one of our teaching artists instructs teachers on simple educational theater pedagogy, incorporating techniques from theater of the oppressed, Forum Theater, Image Theater, and Teacher-in-Role. Meanwhile, the Director of Education helps teachers effectively organize both Shakespearean and English lesson plans, and also points to some rewarding, thought-provoking moments that may arise out of a required text.

Our teaching artists and scholars are readily available to help you write curriculum and lesson plans, making your classes as fun and interactive as possible.

TEACHER'S WORKSHOP for Educators of All Grades


Shakespeare in 30 Minutes is for elementary-aged children. For more information visit our TOUR page.

R+J 4evr is for middle and high school aged children. For more information visit our TOUR page.

FOR INFORMATION on pricing, booking and more, contact Director of Education Outreach Nick Urda at or call our office at (203) 957-1006.