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Cancellation Policy


All sales are final.


In the event of a weather cancellation, we will try to move your tickets to another night or a refund will be given.

To find out if a show is cancelled, please take a look at our homepage for up-to-date announcements, call the box office at (203) 957-1006, or check any of our social media platforms.

In the case of expected thunder, lighting, extreme rain, flooding, or high winds for the time of the performance, we may cancel up to two hours before the start of the show.

We do not cancel shows if we expect the weather to clear by show time - for example, if rain is scheduled to stop by mid-afternoon.

We consult and Weather Underground ( throughout the day to make a judgment.


It is our desire to complete every performance once we start. However, in the event of inclement weather, we may delay the start of the show (or even "hold" in the middle!) in the hope that the weather will clear. Announcements will be made to inform audience members of "holds." We may also pause to take precautions to ensure the safety and health of the performers and crew. The show will usually restart after a brief hold for weather, and this is not considered a cancellation. 

Weather-related ticket refunds or exchanges will only be processed for officially cancelled performances at the request of the ticket holder. Refunds will not be granted if the performance is cancelled after the show has begun.

If you have tickets to a cancelled performance, please contact the box office at (203) 957-1006 or email us at to reschedule your performance.

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