Children's Auditions

Shakespeare on the Sound is seeking children and teens of all races, ethnicities, genders, and abilities ages 5-15 to perform in their upcoming holiday reading of A Christmas Carol.  

Also seeking female-identifying high school Juniors and Seniors for additional roles.


Open call auditions will be held this coming Sunday 11/13 at The Studio for Performing Arts (26 Forest St) in New Canaan, CT.  Children/Teens will sign in upon arrival and will be seen in order of sign in.


Children must be comfortable performing in front of large crowds.  Past theater experience is desired (musical or non-musical).


Friday, December 9 at 7pm 

Saturday, December 10 at 7pm


*Child/teen must arrive at the performance space 1.5 hours prior the the start of the performance (5:30pm)

**your child/teen must be available for all performances.



Sunday, December 4 from 1:00-5:00pm at

The Studio for Performing Arts

**your child must be available for all rehearsals.

All others: 

Sunday, December 4 from1:00-5:00pm at

The Studio for Performing Arts

Friday, December 9, 3:30-5:00pm at Rowayton Community Center, Moose Room


Sunday, November, 13 

Teens (Juniors & Seniors in HS): 12pm-1pm 

Kids (5-15): 1pm-4pm

*children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, this is not a drop-off audition

**please come anytime during these hours, you will not be required to stay the full 3 hours



The Studio for Performing Arts, 2nd floor

26 Forest Street, New Canaan, CT



Audition monologue & poem is available to the right  


All age 11 and older should prepare the monologue 

Children 10 and under should prepare the poem 


If auditioning for the singing track please prepare the first verse of the Christmas carol Deck the Halls


Memorization is not necessary BUT the person auditioning should be quite familiar with the monologue or poem


Please note: We are looking for children/teens who are well prepared, have excellent listening skills, and have made clear choices about how to deliver the monologue


Please bring a headshot, or photograph of your child (can be printed from the computer) and resume if your child has one.  You will be asked to fill out a form upon arrival

Audition Monologue

Audition Poem


KIDS (ages 5-15)

PETER CRATCHIT—Male identifying, 13-15 years old.  The oldest Cratchit son, he is well spoken and has a good sense of humor.  Must be able to be funny and also quite serious. Should look to be about 13 years of age and must be under 5’6


TOM CRATCHIT—All genders, 12-14 years old.  Second oldest Cratchit son.  More serious than his brother, loves his family.  Must look to be about 11-12 years of age and under 5’2


BELINDA CRATCHIT—Female identifying, 11-14 years old. Looks after her brother Tiny Tim.  Very loving. Must look to be 10-11


TIM CRATCHIT (Tiny Tim)—All genders, 5-7 years old. The youngest Cratchit, he suffers from a debilitating illness.  He is upbeat, happy, and loving. Should look to be 6 years of age and small in stature.

TEENS (Juniors & Seniors in HS)

*Those who meet qualifications can audition for both the acting roles and for the caroling quartet.  You will be considered for everything you audition for.  You will be cast in either the acting track or singing track (but not both).

**All auditioning must be either Juniors or Seniors in high school regardless of age. 



TRACK A: PETUNIA FEZZIWIG/MARTHA CRATCHIT—age 16-18, female identifying. Any race, any ethnicity, any ability. Non-singing role.  Must have a strong acting background in non-musical plays. 


Petunia Fezziwig—silly, but has a bit more decorum than her sister Marigold. She too loves her family. Hopes to marry a man of her choice and not one of her moms choosing because in her mind her mom has horrible taste.


Martha Cratchit—Oldest daughter of the Cratchit who works in London in a millinery shop.  She comes from a poor family but her family is rich with love.  Has a big heart and a good sense of humor.  Caring, compassionate, and hard working.


TRACK B: MARIGOLD FEZZIWIG/FAN/SIMON—age 16-18, female identifying. Any race, any ethnicity, any ability. Non singing role.  Must have a strong acting background in non-musical plays.


Marigold Fezziwig—a very silly girl who finds everything funny.  She loves her family, loves attention, and is determined to get married to the first handsome man she sees. 


Fan Scrooge—older sister of Ebenezer Scrooge.  Seen in a flashback.  Has a loving relationship with her younger brother.  Full of joy and kindness.


Simon/e—a young girl/boy who has grown up on the dangerous streets of London.  Wise, careful, and smart, they knows who to trust and who to avoid.  Finds a holiday spirit in scene with Scrooge.


DORTHEA—*the role of Dorothea will be assigned to one of the tracks after casting.



CAROLERS—age 16-18, female identifying.  Any race, any ethnicity, any ability.  Must be a strong singer with a background in musical theater.  Seeking 4 singers to form a quartet.  The group will perform prior to the show and during intermission.  They will also perform in the reading as a quartet of carolers who disrupt Scrooge and be a part of the Fezziwig party scene.  Must be able to learn music fast and have experience harmonizing.  

Questions should be directed to Claire Kelly, Shakespeare on the Sound Artistic Director: