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Children's Auditions

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Shakespeare on the Sound (SOS) is seeking actors for an upcoming summer production of As You Like It by William Shakespeare.  The show is performed in Pinkey Park outdoors under the stars Tuesday-Sundays at 7pm. Rowayton, CT is located 47 miles north of NYC in southern Fairfield County, Connecticut. Trains to Rowayton depart from Grand Central Terminal and travel time is 1 hour.

Open call auditions will be held Sunday 2/12 at The Studio for Performing Arts (26 Forest St) in New Canaan, CT.  All those auditioning will sign in upon arrival and will be seen in order of sign in.


  • May 16, 2023–July 2, 2023

  • Rehearsals will be in NYC

  • The last week of rehearsal will be in CT at the performance space

  • Generally rehearsals are Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday from11:00am-3:00pm.

  • SOS will provide an affinity/quiet space during rehearsals and throughout the run of the show


  • Non-Union pay $400 per week.  Transportation via train (Grand Central to Rowayton, CT) is provided once the production moves to CT.

  • AEA pay—at this point in time we are still negotiating our contract with Actor’s Equity.  Pay will be competitive and include pension and benefits.  Transportation via train (Grand Central to Rowayton, CT) is provided once the production moves to CT.


Sunday, February, 12 




The Studio for Performing Arts, 2nd floor

26 Forest Street, New Canaan, CT



  • A comedic Shakespeare monologue—NO As You Like It monologues please

  • 16 bars of a melodic song

  • Non-singers please prepare one verse/refrain of a simple melodic song you enjoy singing


Please bring a headshot and resume. You will be asked to fill out a form upon arrival


Audition Time:

12-1pm—AEA appointments **number of appointments is limited.  Appointments scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  Equity actors unable to secure an appointment are encouraged to attend the Open Call from 1-5pm and will be seen in order of sign in sheet.


1-5pm—OPEN CALL for Equity and non-Equity actors

**All actors will sign in upon arrival.  Regardless of union status actors will be seen in order of the sign in sheet.


A quiet room/affinity space will be available 


This is NOT an EPA


Rosalind—Female identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, mid-20’s. Recognizes irony and has a sense of humor, intelligent, likes facing challenges, not afraid to speak her mind. She is best friend and cousin of Celia whom she loves like a sister.  Falls in love at first sight with Orlando when she meets him at court.  She meets him again in the Forest of Arden where she is living in disguise as a young man named Ganymede and schemes to woo him as Ganymede. At times her efforts with Orlando lead to chaos.  This role requires hugging and kissing.  AEA/Non-Union.


Celia—Female identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, mid- 20’s. Kind, thoughtful, clever, sharp, and extremely loyal to her cousin, and best friend, Rosalind. Able to forgive and fight for what she believes in. Celia’s steadiness balances Rosalind.  Celia assumes the role of Ganymede’s sister Aliena during her forest sojourn.  Falls in love with Oliver when he arrives in Arden. This role requires hugging and kissing. Non-Union.


Orlando—Male identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, mid-late 20’s. Much misaligned by his older brother Oliver, Orlando is determined to prove himself and change his situation in life.  He is kind, thoughtful, caring, giving of self.  Very physically strong and fit from daily work on the family farm.  Intelligent but not book smart—has been deprived of an education by Oliver. This role requires hugging and kissing. Orlando is in several scenes of violence.  Actors auditioning for Orlando must have stage combat experience.AEA/Non-Union.


Phoebe/courtiers—Female identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, early 20’s. Phoebe—very saucy, self-absorbed, demanding. She has never been challenged to look beyond herself, think deeply, or consider what it means to care for others. From the best family in the forest, always the most popular, lauded as the most beautiful, never wanted for anything.  Has complete disdain for Silvius’ devotion to her and can’t understand his depth of love.  Phoebe goes under a transformation when she falls in love, or what she deems love, with Ganymede. This role requires hugging and kissing. Courtiers—member of Duke Fredrick’s Paris Court/member of Duke Senior’s merry band in Arden.  Non-Union.


Jaques/Le Beau—Any gender identity, any race, any ethnicity, late 20’s+. Jaques—intellectual, pensive, and always searching for the big answers.  Deeply feels everything, mourns the death of animals, is emotionally and spiritually moved by nature.  Has their own brand of humor, not just melancholy. Discovers joy when becoming acquainted with Touchstone.  Le Beau—Duke Fredrick’s right hand person, shallow, demanding, tries to be witty with not much success, underhanded, scheming.  AEA/Non-Union.


Silvius/others—Male identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, mid-20’s to early-30’s.  Silvius—The only character in the play who clearly understands the depth of true love. He is devoted to Phoebe and is the only one who can see beyond her shallow exterior.  He is wise for his young age.  Tenacious when it comes to something he wants. Others are often frustrated by his passion for Phoebe and his unwillingness to relent when she is clearly not interested in him whatsoever.  Others—likely courtier in the court of Duke Fredrick and a possible doubling with another small role but it is yet to be decided.  This role requires hugging and kissing. Non-Union.


Oliver/Corin—Male identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, late 20’s to mid-30’s.  Oliver—Driven by insecurities and fear he is cruel, spiteful, and rude.  He is extremely jealous of his brother Orlando and plots his death with Charles the wrestler. Wants to gain favor and ascend socially in Duke Frederick’s court.  Goes through a massive transformation after almost dying in Arden.  Reconciles with Orlando and falls in love with and marries Celia. Corin—An old shepherd living in Arden who is close with Silvius and develops a relationship with Ganymede, Aliena, and Touchstone.  He finds joy in the simple things life has to offer and is easily content. The role of Oliver requires hugging and kissing. Oliver is also in a scene of violence, stage combat experience is a plus.  Non-Union.

Questions should be directed to Claire Kelly, Shakespeare on the Sound Artistic Director:

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