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Shakespeare on the Sound (SOS), a professional theater company based in Rowayton, CT, is seeking actors for an upcoming march production of R+J4evr, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet  by William Shakespeare.  The show is performed in middle schools, high schools and libraries through Fairfield County Ct,  Monday- Friday during school hours, throughout the month of March. As this is a touring production, location of each performance will vary from day to day and in some cases have multiple performances in one day. The rehearsal process will take place over the course of one week and the location is TBD.


  • Rehearsals will be from February 27th- March 9th

  • Some rehearsals will take place over zoom and the rest will take place at a location TBD in CT.

  • Compensation for rehearsal are $300 a week and will not necessarily be every day. Feb 3rd is an off day

  • Generally rehearsals are Monday through Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm

  • SOS will provide an affinity/quiet space during rehearsals and throughout the run of the show


  • Non-Union pay $400 per week.  Transportation via train (Grand Central to Rowayton, CT) is provided.

  • This is a fully Non-Union Production

  • Performances will begin on March 10th and will conclude on March 31st

  • Performances will be Monday through Friday during school hours and some after school hours

  • You will be asked to hold 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday

  • A prelimanary subject to change schedule will be given to you at the first rehearsal


Saturday, February, 11 




The Studio for Performing Arts, 2nd floor

26 Forest Street, New Canaan, CT



  • A monologue from Romeo and Juliet from either the Character of Romeo or Juliet

  • 16 bars of a melodic song to be sung a cappella or self-accompanied on the guitar.

  • You may be asked to stay to read and be paired with actors

  • Please let us know upon arrival if you are interested in auditioning for our summer production of As You Like it. This will serve as an initial audition for that show as well.


Please bring a headshot and resume. You will be asked to fill out a form upon arrival


  • In addition to weekly pay Shakespeare on the Sound provides transportation to and from Rowayton, CT via Grand Central Terminal throughout the rehearsal and performances.

  • Housing is not provided

  • Actors must be comfortable singing. 

  • There will be several moments of physical intimacy throughout the show including hugging and chaste kissing.  These moments will be respectfully and thoughtfully choreographed with the director in a closed rehearsal space.  Actors will NOT be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with and all intimacy within the show will meet each actor at their level of comfort.

  • Play is set in a contemporary setting and seeks to meet students where they are in life. Actors must be comfortable with some light improvisation and speaking directly to, and engaging with, an audience of mostly high school aged students.

  • Experience with Theater in Education is a must.

  • Please visit our website—


  • Juliet—Female identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, early to mid-20’s. Juliet is a young woman on the cusp of turning 14 years old. She falls in love with Romeo, the son of her family's hated enemy. She is tough, headstrong and brave. She matures rather rapidly over the course of the play's 3 day setting. She displays incredible fortitude in the pursuit of her love for Romeo. Upon discovery of her family’s desire for her to marry Paris, she takes a sleeping potion to fake her own death, hoping to reunite with her love, Romeo. She awakes to find him dead at her side, and stabs herself. Must be comfortable with slight improvisation. This role requires hugging and kissing.  Non-Union. 


  • Romeo—Male identifying actor, any race, any ethnicity, early to mid- 20’s. Passionate, impetuous, funny, and masculine. Falls head over heels in love with Juliet. His passion for his best friend drives him to make an rash decision to kill his love, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. He is banished as a result and later, while away, believes that Juliet is dead and goes to be with her in death. He drinks a poison that kills him instantaneously. Must be comfortable with slight improvisation.This role requires hugging and kissing. Non-Union.

Questions should be directed to Nick Urda, Shakespeare on the Sound Director of Educational Outreach:

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